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At St Andrews Services in Leicester, we use the latest John Bean software and equipment to make sure we can fully balance and align your wheels to manufacturer specifications. Investing in this new equipment means we can deliver a great service you can trust.


What is Caster

Caster is the measurement beginning at the steering axis and ending at the opposite axis when viewed from the side of the car. In other words, it is whether the vehicle is at its proper height at both the front and rear of the vehicle. Because the vehicle’s height is ultimately what impacts caster, worn springs can lead to caster problems, as can modifying a vehicle with a lift kit. When caster is out, the vehicle can pull to the right or left.

What is Camber

Camber is the degree to which the vehicle’s wheels are angled when viewed from the front end of the car. While there is always a certain degree of camber, there mustn't be an unequal camber between tires. When the camber is unequal, the vehicle will pull to the side with the most camber. Camber issues can lead to uneven or premature tyre wear.

What is Toe

Toe measures the degree to which the vehicle’s wheels are pointed in or out. When toe is off even slightly, drivers will experience vibrations while driving. Toe problems will also lead to issues such as premature or uneven tyre wear.

Benefits of correct Wheel Alignment

  • Reduced tyre wear
  • Improved fuel consumption
  • Improved handling
  • Safer driving

Mechanic aligning a vehicles wheels - Wheel Alignment Leicester

Wheel Alignment in Leicester with St Andrews Services Ltd. Using the Latest John Bean Software & Equipment. Call for perfectly aligned wheels on 0116 2849181 or contact us using our contact form.

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